EURO CG 2000

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March 13-14-15 2000, Eilat Club Hotel, Eilat, Israel 
Sponsored by: Ben-Gurion University, Israel, and The European Commission

All submitted abstracts compressed with zip
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 Number Author Title
1 P. Brass & C. Knauer Testing the Congruence of d-Dimensional Point Sets.
2 R. Kimmel & J. A. Sethian Fast Voronoi Diagrams on Triangulated Surfaces
3 M. Hagedoorn, M. Overmars & R. C. Veltkamp A Robust Affine Invariant Similarity Measure Based on Visibility
4 H. Guardia & F. Hurtado On the Equipartitions of Convex Bodies and Convex Polygons
5 M. Isenburg Triangle Fixer: Edge-based Connectivity Compression
6 V. Oliker Electromagnetic Scattering, 1D/2D Obstacle Problem, and Discrete Geodesics
7 M. Sharir, S. Smorodinsky & G. Tardos An Improved Bound for k-Sets in Three Dimensions
8 F. Bradec & H. Samet Visualizing and Animating Search Operations on Quadtrees on the Worldwide Web
9 S. Ar & A. Tal Query Driven BSP Trees
10 P. Brass On the Approximation of Polygons by Subpolygons
11 M. J. Katz, F. Nielsen & M. Segal Shooter Location through Piercing Sets
12 B. Kronrod & C. Cotsman Efficient Coding of Non-Triangular Meshes
13 E. M. Arkin, F. Hurtado, J. S. B. Mitchell, C. Seara & S. S. Skiena Some Separability Problems in the Plane
14 M. Dlouhy, F. Brabec & P. Svestka Cleaning Path Planning for Mobile Robots
15 Z. Karni & C. Gotsman Spectral Compression of Mesh Geometry
16 E. Flato & D. Halperin Robust and Efficient Construction of Planar Minkowski Sums
17 C. A. Wang & B. Yang Optimal Tetrahedralizations of Some Convex Polyhedra
18 V. Surazhsky & C. Gotsman Morphing Planar Triangulations and Polygons using Convex Representations
19 G. Barequet & G. Elber alpha-Sector of Rational Varieties
20 O. Aichholzer, F. Aurenhammer & F. Hurtado Edge Operations on Non-Crossing Spanning Trees
21 T. Surazhsky, V. Surazhsky, G. Barequet & A. Tal Smooth Blending of Polygonal Slices with Different Topologies
22 L. Kettner Contour-Edge Based Polyhedron Visualization
23 P. Angelier & M. Pocchiola On Computing Tangent Visibility Graphs
24 C. Icking, T. Kamphans, R. Klein & E. Langetepe Exploring an Unknown Cellular Environment
25 R. P. Berretty, M. H. Overmars & A. Frank van de Stappen Orienting Polyhedral Parts by Pushing
26 A. Ran & N. Sochen Differential Geometry Techniques in Stereo Vision
27 R. Connelly, E. D. Demaine & G. Rote Every Polygon Can Be Untangled
28 J. W. Jaromczyk & M. Kowaluk The Face-Wise Continuity in Hot Wire Cutting of Polyhedral Sets
29 F. Anton & D. Mioc Dynamic Laguerre Diagrams Made Easy
30 I. Eckstein, V. Surazhsky & C. Gotsman Compatible Geometries by Convex Representations with Applications to Computer Graphics
31 U. Adamy, J. Giesen & M. John The Lambda-Complex and Surface Reconstruction
32 A. Efrat, F. Hoffmann, K. Kriegel & C. Schultz Covering Simple Polygonal Regions by Ellipses
33 O. Devillers, A. Fronville, B. Mourrain & M. Teillaud  Algebraic Methods and Arithmetic Filtering for Exact Predicates on Circle Arcs