If your abstract has been accepted for the workshop and you would like to submit an updated version then please send it to EWCG 2005 by Friday, January 28, the latest. Otherwise we will use your previously submitted version for the collection of abstracts. Please remember to strictly adhere to the quidelines given below.

Submission guidelines:

  1. The length of each abstract is limited to a maximum of 4 pages.
  2. You have to use Latex to prepare your submission. No other format will be accepted.
  3. You need to submit a .gz, .zip, or .tar file that contains the .tex file, all figures, and a .pdf or .ps version of your submission.
  4. You have to use the EuroCG05.cls class file provided below. That is, the first line of your .tex file has to read:
  5. The packages graphicx, theorem, amssymb, and amsmath are already loaded via EuroCG05.cls. Please load additional packages only if you absolutely need them.
  6. Do not include any files that are not part of the standard Latex distribution (i.e., your own macro files). Copy any macros you absolutely can not do without into your main .tex file.
  7. The environments theorem (Theorem), invar (Invariant), lemma (Lemma), cor (Corollary), obs (Observation), conj (Conjecture), prop (Proposition), defini (Definition), and proof (Proof) are already defined in the EuroCG05.cls file. Add additional environments only if you really need them.
  8. Copy your bibliography into the main .tex file.
  9. Please provide author index information, that is, add \index{FirstAuthorLast, FirstAuthorFirst} etc. after the author information.

Please read/compile/modify the example file EuroCG05Example.tex provided below!

Download: This .zip file contains the class and the example file for EuroCG05


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