EWCG 2002

18th European Workshop
on Computational Geometry

April 10-12, 2002, Warszawa, Poland


List of Papers

O.Aichholzer, F.Aurenhammer, H.Krasser
"On the Crossing Number of Complete Graphs"

L.Alboul, R. van Damme
"On Flips in Polyhedral Surfaces:a new development"

L.Alboul, A.Netchaev
"Isomorphic-free generation of some classes of triangulations without repetitions"

M.Andersson, J.Gudmundsson, Ch.Levcopoulos, G.Narasimhan
"Balanced Partition of Minimum Spanning Trees"

F.Anton, J.-D.Boissonnat, D.Mioc, M.Yvinec
"An exact predicate for the optimal construction of the Additively Weighted Voronoi diagram"

A.Bagheri, M.Razzazi
"Drawing Free Trees Inside Rectilinear polygons Using Polygon Skeleton"

M.de Berg, P.Bose, O.Cheong, P.Morin
"On Simplifing Dot Maps"

P.Brass, Ch.Knauer
"Computing the symmetries of non-convex polyhedral objects in 3-space"

J.Caceres, C.I.Grima, A.Marquez, A.Moreno-Gonzalez
"Planar graphs and metrically complete graphs"

N. de Castro
"Grid representations of graphs on surfaces"

E. Colin de Verdiere, F.Lazarus
"Optimal Polygonal Schema on an Orientable Surface"

C.Cortes, A.Marquez, J.Valenzuela
"Euclidean position in 2-orbifolds"

O.Devillers, F.Hurtado, C.Seara
"Chromatic Variants of the Erdos-szekeres Theorem on Points in Convex Position"

J.M.Diaz-Banez, F.Hurtado, M.A.Lopez, J.A.Sellares
"Optimal Projections onto Grids"

C. O'Dunlaing
"Flat embeddings of certain 2-complexes"

E.Ezra, D.Halperin, M.Sharir
"Efficient Construction of the Union of Geometric Objects"

J.Gudmundsson, H.Haverkort, S.M.Park, Ch.-S.Shin, A.Wolff
"Approximating the Geometric Minimum-Diameter Spanning Tree"

"Exact $L_{\infty}$ Nearest Neighbor Search in High Dimensions"

M.Hoffmann & C.D.Toth
"Altrnating Paths through Disjoint Line Segments"

S.Hornus & C.Puech
"A simple kinetic visibility polygon"

F.Hurtado, V.Sacristan, R.Klein, E.Langetepe
"The weighted farthest color Voronoi diagram on trees and graphs"

J.W.Jaromczyk, M.Kowaluk
"A kinetic view of the shooter problem"

V.Koltun, M.Sharir
"Three Dimensional Euclidean Voronoi Diagrams of Lines with a Fixed Number of Orientations"

N.Kruithof, G.Vegter
"Approximation by skin curves"

"An Application of the Free Form Deformation to Phytoplankton Cells Modeling"

B.K.Nielsen, P.Winter, M.Zachariasen
"Rectilinear Trees under Rotation and Related Problems"

H.Shaul, D.Halperin
"Improved Output-Sensitive Construction of the Vertical Decomposition of Three-Dimensional Arrangements"

B.Speckmann & C.D.Toth
"Vertex $\pi$-guards in Simple Polygons"

A.Spillner, H.-D.Hecker
"The Orthogonal Fortrees Problem with Floodlights"

G. Zwozniak
"A better approximation algorithm for covering polygons with squares"

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