This is a list of accepted papers to CG'99, which will take place in Antibes
in March 15-16-17 1999. For more information and registration, see


February 10th, 1999: Deadline for hotel registration
February 28th, 1999: Deadline for registration

See you in Antibes,
Hervé Brönnimann
Organizer CG'99

Two problems on separability with lines and polygonals
Ferran Hurtado, Merce Mora, Pedro A. Ramos, Carlos Seara

Efficient algorithm for finding 2 largest empty circles
Sergei Bespamyatnikh

Improved algorithms for placing undesirable facilities
Matthew J. Katz, Klara Kedem, Michael Segal

Geometric Solution concepts for planar ordered Weber Problems
Stefan Nickel, Justo Puerto, Ansgar Weissler

Dynamic Geometry I: the Problem of Continuity
Ulrich H. Kortenkamp, Juergen Richter-Gebert

Dynamic geometry II: Application
Ulrich H. Kortenkamp, Juergen Richter-Gebert

Constrained approximate pattern matching and its applications
Frank Nielsen

Implementing main-memory point-enclosure algorithms
Ulf Erikson

A simple and efficient sequential encoding for triangle meshes
Leila de Floriani, Paola Magillo, Enrico Puppo

Arrangement of curves in the plane: what does ``equivalence'' mean?
Manuela Neagu

Polygonal decompositions into singular and regular regions
Jairo Rocha

On some polyhedra covering problems
Cao An Wang, Bo-Ting Yang

Computations with tight bounding volumes for general parametric surfaces
Wilhelm Barth and Ernst Huber

Optimal illumination of points with restricted flood-light
A. Calatayud, J. Garcia, F. Gomez

Exact L_infinity nearest neighbor search in high dimensions
Helmut alt, Ulrich Hoffmann

A simple and efficient algorithm for high-quality line labeling
Pankaj K. Agarwal, Lars Knipping, Marc van Kreveld, Tycho Strijk,
Alexander Wolff

The Minkowski sum of a convex polyhedron and a polyhderal terrain
Antonio Hernandez-Barrerra, Subhas Chandra Nandy, Tetsuo Asano

Flipping edges in triangulations on the cylinder
Carmen Cortes, Clara I. Grima, Alberto Marquez

Parallel flips on planar triangulations
Jerome Galtier, Stephane Perennes

Delaunay graph on a prescribed graph
Manual Abellanas, Frank Harary

The design and implementation of planar maps in CGAL
Eyal Flato, Dan Halperin, Iddo Hanniel, Oren Nechushtan

3D Triangulations in CGAL
Monique Teillaud

A geometric approach to protein identification in 2D electrophoretic gel
Frank Hoffmann, Klaus Kriegel, Carola Wenk

Further results on arithmetic filters for geometric predicates
Olivier Devillers, Franco Preparata

Smooth shape reconstruction
Jean-Daniel Boissonnat, Frédéric Cazals, Stephane Nullans

Matching shapes with respect to the symmetric difference
Helmut Alt, Christian Knauer

Computing the shape of a planar point set
Mahmoud Melkemi, Mourad Djebali

Searching a goal on m rays within a fixed distance
Christian Icking, Rolf Klein, Elmar Langetepe

On the zookeeper's problem
Haakan Jonsson

Polar diagrams of geometric objects
Clara I. Grima, Alberto Marquez, Lidia Ortega

Sweeping along a polygonal line to construct a Delaunay diagram
Pierre Kauffmann, Jean-Claude Spehner

Non-degeneracy properties of 3D longest-edge algorithms for the quality
refinement of triangulations
Maria-Cecilia Rivara

An algorithm for drawing a ring cover
Ala Eddine Barouni, Ali Jaoua, Nejib Zaguia

Turn regularity and optimal drawings of orthogonal representations
Stina Bridgeman, Giuseppe Di Battista, Walter Didimo, Giuseppe Liotta,
Roberto Tamassia, Luca Vismara

Orthogonal triangles in the plane
M.A. Garrido, Alberto Marquez, J.R. Portillo, P. Reyes

Graphs of non-crossing matchings
Maria del Carmen Hernando, Ferran Hurtado, Marc Noy

Space complexity of sectoral neighborhood spanners
Matthias Fischer, Tamas Lukovski, Martin Ziegler

On the topological walk method
Pierre Angelier, Michel Pocchiola, Stephane Riviere

Using train trascks to show that a trivial knot may require
exponential-size spanning disks
Joel Hass, Jack Snoeyink, William P. Thurston

The periodicity of integral convex hulls for conics in $\E^2$
Helymar Balza-Gomez

Rectangular duals and box-representation in the cylinder
Natalia de Castro, Francisco Javier Cobos, Juan Carlos Dana, Alberto Marquez

An aperiodic tiles machine
José Caceres, Alberto Marquez